Nadya Victoryka (Mpok Nadya)

May 25, 2012 8:54 am


Mpok Depok 2012 – Wakil 1 Mojang Jawa Barat 2012
Perwakilan Kecamatan Beji
Semarang, 13 Juli 1988
Universitas Diponegoro, Urban Design

Travelling, fotografi, dan olahraga.

Diplomasi, menyanyi, dan debating.

Delegasi Pemuda KTT PBB Perubahan Iklim, Mexico.

Joining Abang Mpok Depok gave me a memorable experience. At first I thought that it was just like some other beauty pageants, but surprisingly it was more than that. I learned different things outside my professional career which had helped me in improving myself such as knowledge about local culture an Tourism in Depok City and in general. Its important to know your own context to be able to present yourself and that’s what I gained a lot in Abang Mpok Depok (AMD) as a community. I’m also thankful for being able to be a part of AMD 2012 because it enables me to learn different cultural performances such as traditional dancing and it also trains my public speaking and hospitality etiquette. Moreover, being a part of AMD gives me the awareness of my local surroundings – the place where I live, I became more concerned about issues in Depok city in general which gives me the sense of belonging. More importantly above all, I made a new family with AMD where we share lots of things in common regarding our city and how we can make our city more alive with the existence of youth preserving and performing the local culture, building connection with other youth communities in Depok and contributing to Depok as a Tourism Destination for the surrounding visitors. Join Abang Mpok Depok 2013 and be a part of the Culture!  

Best Moment:
My Best Moment during the Selection Process would be where I had to attend the quarantine session. I had to dance, and expose modeling talents, which I didn’t have any background what so ever but other finalist were very helpful to teach me at that time. From that point we developed bond of new friendship and the sense of looking after one another. I realized that joining Abang Mpok Depok, I learned the value of friendship, family, and dedication.

Tip Untuk Calon Peserta/Finalis:
Be Yourself, Be Sincere, Be Humble,
Know your talents, explore it, and show the best of what you are capable of.